Creative Marketing & Concepting

Along with his DineAmic Group business partner, David Rekhson, Lucas leads an internal marketing, public relations and social media team of ten. Together, the team strategically targets each specific demographic, for each specific day part, across all DineAmic Group’s establishments. The team also handles all branding, promotions, events, and partnerships for the DineAmic Group portfolio of brands.

Liquor Licensing & Finance

Lucas works directly with the City of Chicago to handle all liquor licensing for DineAmic Group’s venues. With the help of the internal Operations team, he administrates the process from start to finish internally.

Venue Layout & Design

Together, Stoioff and Rekhson, spearhead the new project development at DineAmic Group. Lucas in particular handles the negotiation for new properties, structures the business model for each specific deal and works in tandem to raise the capital for future projects. Both owners work directly with a team of architecture and design as well as interior professionals to bring their vision for new concepts to life.

About Lucas

Over the past 15 years, with passion, ingenuity and dexterity, Lucas (Luke) Stoioff has raised the standard in the hospitality industry through innovative marketing, unique venue concepts and perseverance in business. Lucas is well versed in multiple facets of the hospitality industry that help contribute to his success: concept creation, creative marketing, operations management, venue design, liquor licensing, construction administration, finance and more.